Tell City Police Department - Central Dispatch

Dispatchers are the men and women behind the scene that the community don’t see. They answer emergency and non-emergency calls and give them to the proper agencies. They are rarely thanked and even more rarely considered hero’s but without them the fire departments, rescue/first responders, ambulance service, and police departments would not be able to operate efficiently and safely.

Dispatcher’s must be able to multitask by answering all the radio traffic from police, fire, and ambulance service all at the same time while answering the calls from the public and entering the information in the computers. Dispatchers use a digital rolodex to contact business representatives in the event of after hour emergencies or other needs. This rolodex needs updated regularly. Please use the link below to update your contact information for your business. 

Rolodex Contact Form

    Please complete to update your after-hour contact list.