Tell City Police Department - Reserve Division

A reserve police officer is a volunteer within the community who holds a passion for service. They perform law enforcement duties in their community. Police departments, sheriff’s departments and state police departments all have reserve police officers.

Jim Alexander

Reserve Commander

Jerry Priest

Assistant Reserve Commander

Lucas Kleeman

Reserve Officer

Doug Dunn


Zach Taylor

Reserve Officer

Dan Freeman

Reserve Officer

Laura Taylor

Reserve Officer

Tim Bowles

Reserve Officer

A reserve police officer’s requirements and duties vary significantly, depending on the venue and location of their service. Some have full powers of operation similar to a regular police official, but in other instances they have very limited duties and authority. In some departments, the reserve police are uniformed in the same way as regular law enforcement officers, but don’t carry weapons or make arrests. Their duties may only include doing office work, community relations, traffic control and issuing warrants and subpoenas. At the Tell City Police Department, we strive to get the very best out of our reserve officers. Tell City Police Reserves meet training standards that are equivalent to that of regular officers. Tell City Police Reserve Officers are sworn to enforce state statutes and local ordinances and provide a law enforcement presence at public events. Tell City Police Reserve Officers must meet specific work requirements to maintain their service.

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