K-9 Program

The Tell City Police Department K9 Unit is made up of Det. Jason Shadwick and his partner, Piko (Pee-ko) and Officer Nathan Freeman and his partner, Bax. Det. Shadwick and Piko became partners in 2015 and Ofc. Freeman and Bax formed in 2020. Both canines graduated from Top Dog Police Academy in Evansville, IN. The Checkslovakia bred German Shepherds are trained to perform a variety of police tasks including narcotic detection, scent tracking, criminal apprehension, and evidence recovery. The canines and much of the necessary equipment used for the service were purchased with generous donations from the community. Since his inception of K9 Program in 2006, the program has been successful in locating large quantities of narcotics and continues to be a valuable asset to the community.

The K9 teams also perform demonstrations for community schools and organizations. Please submit the information below for questions about the program or to schedule a demonstration.

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