Tell City Police Department - Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the deployment of uniformed officers to prevent and repress criminal activity, investigate complaints and offenses, apprehend offenders, ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic, and furnish day-to-day law enforcement services to the community.

The Patrol Division’s primary goals of the Tell City Police Department are the protection of life and property and to provide services for the public. The patrol function is the principal operation through which achievement of these goals is attained.

Triton Martin


Robert J. Spurling


Jeremy Wheatley


Clay James


The Patrol Division’s functions are charged with the responsibility to prevent the occurrence of crimes and traffic accidents by maintaining a mobile visible presence, making inquiries and inspections, identifying and discovering hazards and situations that may contribute to delinquency, and maintaining public order; respond to calls and requests for law enforcement service or assistance; investigate or initiate the investigations of crimes, offenses, incidents and conditions and causing the arrest of offenders; traffic control and direction; provide emergency services; develop relationship between citizens, other police agencies, and the Tell City Police Department; and report information and conditions to appropriate components of the department.

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